Online ads taking a better shape than ever before !

I have a product ready and would want to sell it! Now I need to market it. So I go for advertising the brand! The advertisement is done and it is live. Hurra!!!But wait!

Well are  you sure the advertisement is reaching the right audience that you determine to view?

Think again!!!!

Online ads actually give a better solution to it.

“We do know who this man is…….. “ Bam! Pops up an ad! Why do I have to watch this video for  the entire 30 seconds while I’m about to know who the culprit is ? This is the sort of question that would raise to a user who Is totally not interested in the ad and he is forced to wait for  30 seconds. Finding the right audience and finding the right means to reach out to the right target is more important. Advertising on every possible way just because you have money and can promote  your brand doesn’t always lead to a good result. The ads must reach out to the right people too.

This is done by pro-grammatically finding the right audience and placing the ad along with it. Say for example Veet ad would not be useful  for men and  boys or even old people. Hence finding women and girls to display this ad is more necessary. Hence may be you could pro-grammatically find out the contents or videos that the women and girls usually watch and try to attach the ad along with it. This makes better sense. Now you would be sure that the ad reaches the right  target audience and not all.

Hence ads to the right  audience and attached to the right  content is more important for advertising your brand!

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